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Your Brand Consistency Matters

Brand Consistency refers to maintaining a stable brand image that is recognizable and appealing to your customers. Think of products that have maintained their brand look for generations. It has gained them the trust from vast numbers of consumers. This happens so much that the brand becomes synonymous with the product. Many people call any type of soda a "Coke". It is not an accident.

Consistency is what makes a brand memorable. It is through repetition that most people memorize. When we try to remember a password or a phone number, the first thing most of us do is repeat it to ourselves over and over. The old marketing adage "rule of seven" is still relevant. It is said that people need to hear or see something seven times before they can commit it to memory. If you've ever found yourself singing or humming a jingle from a commercial, you know what a powerful tool consistency of brand can be.

Smart marketing can make a brand memorable by being well thought out and staying consistent. It is particularly important in our day and age to have a good brand image that can travel seamlessly though all the different portals and channels potential consumers use everyday. This is how we achieve Awareness. It can be so effective that many times only an element of it is necessary to identify a brand.

"Tiffany Blue, Golden Arches, F-100 are perfect examples of memorable, iconic and consistent elements used in marketing campaigns that have made their brand recognizable even with only one element of their brand Logo System. The color Tiffany Blue is immediately recognized as a symbol of exclusivity and high end jewelry. Golden Arches instantly conjures the image of fast food restaurants across the world regardless of where you are. Hearing the name F-100 is such a unique name that the vehicle cannot be mistaken for any of its competitors".

What is Brand Consistency Worth?

According to Global Banking and Finance Review, 71% of consumers say they are more likely to buy a product or service from a brand they recognize. This is why it is so imperative to be seen, and often. reports that brand consistency can increase revenue by 23%. The same article recommends having a brand strategy for both the long and short term, creating guidelines that ill ensure the implementation of said strategy and consistently enforcing the guidelines to avoid confusion. ARTC Consulting understands that most business owners and professionals have limited time to devote to marketing. That is why we show them how the process can be streamlined and how to do it most effectively.

Build Trust with Brand Consistency

There is nothing more frustrating to a consumer than inconsistency and unreliability. Think back to a retail store that has changed their location or a gardener who change their cell number. We expect that businesses will be there when we need them. If they take effort to find, we can very easily be persuaded to give our business to someone else. In the same way, brand consistency lets your potential customers know that they can rely on you to be there.

This does not mean that a company brand cannot be updated or evolve. Companies that have survived through the decades show us that keeping their finger on the pulse of the market is very important. Yet, at it's core, the consistency of brand creates the continuity.

"Harley-Davidson nearly went bankrupt in the 1980's. Old Spice was seen as a brand only elderly men used. In the 1990's Apple came very near declaring bankruptcy. These are just a few examples of companies who survived adversity because they updated but kept consistency in their marketing. Comparing their old and new logos perfectly illustrates successful consistency".

How to Achieve Brand Consistency

  1. Brand Analysis

  2. Mission Statement

  3. Get to know your Audience

  4. Establish Clear Guidelines

  5. Color Palette

  6. Discover Promotional Opportunities

  7. Scheduling

  8. Internal Communication

  9. Branding Audits

  10. Account for Brand Evolution

In future articles, we will delve into each of these subjects. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us through out contact us page. We are always happy to hear from you and we are here to help.

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