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What colors mean for your brand

Different colors evoke different mental images and messages in those who see them. Here is a chart that may help you make decisions about what colors to use and when. Remember that there are are many different variations on each color. It's brightness, intensity, opacity paired with frequency of use can vary the meaning. We help our clients zero in on the perfect shade to promote their product or service.

Red - is a color that creates excitement, passion, energy, action.

Orange - speaks to creativity, adventure, enthusiasm and confidence.

Yellow - emotes optimism, clarity, warmth and brightness.

Green - says peace, nature, money and envy.

Blue - a color of harmony, peace, loyalty, trust and financial security.

Purple - synonymous with royalty, power, influence and wisdom.

Pink - brings to mind playfulness, delicacy and femininity.

White - conjures cleanliness, purity, innocence and truth.

Black - connotes power, sophistication, mystery and finality.

Gray - is a color for neutrality, balance and equanimity.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us anytime.

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