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The Color Red

The most powerful of the primary colors in our opinion. It represents things like warmth, passion, sexuality and high volume but if used incorrectly it can evoke feelings of danger, aggression or even violence.

Red was the first color that we as humans were able to identify, fabricate and use in everyday life. Due to the abundance of red clay, minerals and pigment from berries and flowers, it was easy to extract and use to dye and paint.

An abundance of the color red has been proven to raise a person’s heart rate. You might have noticed that red is the color of choice for sports cars. It is used as a sign of power and privilege, hence the red carpet treatment involves a red carpet, literally…

People who wear the color red are usually perceived as extroverted and enthusiastic with strong opinions and loud voices. They also seem to have traits like bravery and competitiveness. Because they can also be impulsive and reactionary, they may not be to the liking of everyone in their surroundings. Hitchcock used red to dress his leading ladies quite often to make them stand out on the silver screen. Used in excess, it can provoke irritation, so it should be used very thoughtfully.

In business, politics, life and everywhere, red is either loved or disliked just as much. If using red for your business, be aware that not everyone will like it. Think Coke vs Pepsi if you want to understand its use. It is a bold choice and not everyone enjoys a risk, but the rewards can be amazing because of its unapologetic nature.

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